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How the Passive House Approach helps Build Better Buildings and Healthier Communities

Our introductory technical course is designed for professionals in the construction, building, planning and design industries. In this course, we take a more detailed approach into the benefits of incorporating Passive House design principles into residential, commercial and recreational buildings, using real-life examples.

Taught by Certified Passive House Designer Frank Crawford, P.Eng., and recorded at Red Deer College, this 3.5-hour course will dive into a number of key topics, including:

  • What is Passive House
  • Passive House Benefits
  • How it works
  • 5 Principles of Passive House
  • Design Considerations
  • Costs
  • Alberta Examples
  • Passive House and Other Building Rating Systems
  • Next Steps

Learn how building to Passive House standards creates sustainable, energy-efficient buildings to minimize risk, maximize long-term profitability and provide competitive advantages.

Here is what Albertans are saying about this course:

“I was SO deeply appreciative of the opportunity to attend the recent Passive House course.  Such excellent technical information presented in a very accessible manner... Your work is so essential to the building / energy transition that needs to take place in our society. I'm super grateful for your work!  Keep it up and please know that there are many people very grateful for your efforts!"

"Added to my knowledge as a professional home designer and personally with the planning of my own home renovation."

"This course has given me a lot of ideas to follow up on regarding a retrofit and addition we are planning for our existing house. Incredible amount of useful content in just a single course."

"This course offered value in knowing the options available (and regional contractor/suppliers) to apply these options of Passive House design for my current and future investment properties as well as future build of a personal residence"


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"After framing for 20+ years, this course offered me a new outlook on material selection and usage in construction"


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